A day at a company


Today, I had an appointment for a thesis graduation project position at this Company in Utrecht. I came ten minutes late to the Appointment, something even I find strange for someone aiming for a future job position, but believe me or not, these things always happen to me. Mostly I do my best to be at least on time for these types of appointments, but it always goes wrong.

I finally got there anywhere, we got a nice discussion with both employees of this company who were in charge of conducting the consultation, among the things they had a problem with are the fact that I came late, which I explained why, and the fact that I wasn't wearing a jacket and tie, which I explained by telling them that the cloths I was wearing were the best I had in my closet at this moment, I promised them however that as soon as I got a paying job, I would appear daily dressed in a corporate manner.

All in all, it was a nice experience talking to and with them. They gave me an opportunity to do an assessment the following days, and then will follow another discussion session with the person responsible for the thesis research project, then finally if everything goes well, a final appointment with a psychologist of the company.

As you can see, it's a tough route to march on, but I have nothing to lose, I will be giving my best to get this chance.