About Me

 I am Ed’son de Pary E.A., I am a Cameroonian born in Douala a couple of decades ago. I am living now in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

A few words about myself:



I believe in the fact that we all have to join hands to make the society we live in better. For this reason, I try to participate in public debate through collaborative media.

I host a personal Blog and Forum, where I periodicadically distil my opinion on various societal matters. I have always believed in verbal straightforward battles, I dislike hypocrites and ‘yes’-Sayers. I do not need to keep everyone around me happy, that might not be very social, but honesty and freedom are of huge value to me. I might have been hardened by some event in my life, nevertheless I believe we all have at some point of our lives to exploit our setbacks and transform them to our own advantage. For all of the above, I am often considered by some to be someone of rare breed. However, our purpose in life is to serve and help each other, look for a way to cohabit.

I am a football addict, sometimes; I watch 15 hours of games in weekends. I suspect to have some kind of hidden nationalistic sentiments inside me, but that hasn’t yet manifest itself, but from time to time I feel the presence.

Gerrie and I are for more than eight years with each other. Gerrie is a beautiful Dutch girl born in some place in Oosterwolde (Ooststellingwerf) in the Netherlands, she is my girlfriend.



That’s just about all I could remember of myself right now.