After my Properdeuse at the Hogeschool of Utrecht in 2002, I did a 3 years Bachelor course of Information and Computing Science at the University of Utrecht. Afterwards, I did two years Master Business Informatics course at the same University.

I have always been fascinated with IT related solutions, and have always struggled with thoughts on how to implement these solutions into business processes.
This study gives me the opportunity and means to get my interests rolling.
MBI gave me the opportunity to learn to appreciate the consequences of using IT to do business with people and organizations. It’s not just all-technical stuff you learn, besides trying to demystify technology, you learn psychology, communication practices, policy and management as well.
With a courses such as Information Science, technique is not the goal as such, it’s just a tool used to achieve business results. It’s more about considering the human side when looking at the interactions between people and machines. My new passions are second Generation Knowledge Management (KM 2.0),   

Web 2.0, Cloud sourcing, and the upcoming Web 3.0.