Historical Places of Cameroon


Cameroon is a nation of diverse customs and traditions which is captured in the variety of historical architecture and monuments as well as vestiges from the country's colonial past. The historical places of Cameroon represent the country's rich ancient heritage and traditions. Particularly the Fako division of Mount Cameroon holds a special significance in the country's history. This division was the entry port and a seat of government during colonial period and early independence. There are several monuments relics, and historic buildings found in this region. The major historical places of Cameroon are-

  • Yaoundé
  • Buea
  • The Castle (Schloss) of Puttkame
  • Bandjoun Museum



Besides being the capital city, Yaoundé is the abode of most of the National monuments of Cameroon. This historical city comprises of several ancient museums, buildings and relics from the past. The main attractions Yaoundé, where one can experience the country's past coming alive are Cameroon Art Museum, the Cameroon National Museum and the Afhemi Museum. The Cameroon Art Museum is located in Benedictine monastery and Cameroon National Museum is found in the former presidential palace. The presidential palace and compound is located in the Etoudi area.


This is one of the historical places of Cameroon which is located at the foot of Mount Fako. As headquarter of the German colony, Buea has several great historical buildings and monuments with memories of the colonial era. The major historical buildings in Buea are the present Presidential Lodge, the Military Headquarters, home to the Gendarmerie Legion, the P&T Delegation and the Judicial Police Building.

The Castle (Schloss) of Puttkamer

The Castle (Schloss) of Puttkamer was built in the year 1900 as the residence of the Governor. This historical structure was an imitation of the architecture of a Wilhelminian Hunting Lodge in Brandenburg, Germany. In spite of several items and furniture having disappeared, there are a few glasses and plates left from German period.

Bandjoun Museum

The Bandjoun Museum constitutes over one hundred noteworthy objects of the cultural and artistic heritage of Bandjoun which is one of the main centers of artistic creation and tradition in Cameroon. The museum includes some rare masterpieces of African art which celebrate the pomp of the court of the kings of Bandjoun, and the opulence of the monarchs. As a storehouse of relics from the ancient past, the Bandjoun Museum is one of the important historical places of Cameroon.

Some of the other museums of Cameroon that captures the essence and spirit of the country's past are-

  • Baham Museum
  • Mankon Museum
  • Babungo Museum
  • Cameroon National Museum
  • Afhemi Museum