National Symbols of Cameroon

National symbols or emblems are visual elements that create a sense of unity among a particular group of people residing in the same locality, geographic region or country. They create visual, verbal, or iconic impacts on the minds of the members of this group by representing the values, goals or history. Each country has a set of national symbols that represent the country and provides it with a distinct identity. Often these symbols or emblems are used or flouted during celebrations of national events.


The National Symbols of Cameroon are:

•  Name: République du Cameroun

•  Flag: Adopted in 1975, the vertical Pan-African tricolor has a bright five pointed star at the centre. Green stands for Hope and the Southern Forests ; Red Stands for Unity and Yellow for Sunshine and Prosperity . The star is referred to as the ‘Star of Unity' signifying the unitary status of the country.

•  Emblem: The national emblem has a banner above and one below it. Two crossed fasces, symbolizing authority, can be seen behind the shield which has the same color pattern as the national flag. In the centre of the shield, superimposed on top of a map of the country is the scale of justice. The bottom banner provides the name of the nation in French and English. The banner on top contains the national motto of Paix, Travail, Patrie.

•  Motto: The national motto appears on the national emblem. It is Paix meaning Peace , Travail meaning work , and Patrie meaning Fatherland.

•  Anthem: ‘ Chant de Ralliement ', as it is known in French and starting with ‘ O Cameroun berceau de nos ancêtres ' is the national anthem officially adopted in 1957, although it was unofficially being used from 1948. It was later amended and the present version has been functional since 1978. It is also widely known as the ‘ Rallying Song ' and starts with ‘ O Cameroon, thou cradle of our fathers'.

•  Color: Green, Red and Yellow as seen in the national flag and emblem are the national colors.

•  Language: French is the most commonly spoken language and hence is the official language. English is also spoken in some parts while the tribal population uses their own language to communicate.

•  Day: 20 th May is the Republic Day and hence celebrated as the National Day. National Youth Day celebrated on 11 th February also has also been given the status of a National Day.