Places to Visit in Cameroon


Cameroon bounded by lakes, rivers and mountains and to a large extent forests offers some interesting places to tourists exploring Cameroon, especially the adventure lovers. The countries culture and tradition are embedded in all the places to visit in Cameroon. A well-known tourist's destination for people visiting Africa, the places to visit in Cameroon can keep vacationers glued to the spot.

  • Musa Heritage Gallery
  • Waza National Park
  • Campo Ma'an National Park
  • Mount Cameroon


Musa Heritage Gallery also known as the Mus'Art Gallery focuses on the preserving and promoting of the arts and crafts of Cameroon's Western Grass fields. An internationally renowned gallery, it's widely recognized for having produced masterpieces of the Arts and Crafts of Cameroon. One of the popular places to visit in Cameroon tourists flock out here for a taste and also to better appreciate the material culture of the people of the Cameroon Grass fields as expressed by their wide-ranging and diverse art forms. The museum is handled by the Musa family, the proprietors of the Musa Heritage Gallery and is open to visitors who come for a trip to Cameroon.

Waza National Park is situated in the Far North Province of Cameroon was founded in 1934. The Park covers a total area of 1,700 sq km and when was discovered was a used as a hunting reserve. A famous hunt for adventure seekers, one can go for long tracking through the jungle and enjoy its green beauty. Managed by the Conservation Service of the Waza National Park, protection of the environment and the nature is safeguarded here.

Campo Ma'an National Park with a hectare of 264,064 is located in the South of Cameroon. The entire area of the Park consists of four logging concessions, an agro-forestry zone, and an agro-industrial zone with rubber and palms as the main plant. Tourists visiting can camp out here for the day in the midst of various plants and animals. Elephants, lowland gorillas, giant pangolins, chimpanzees, hippos, mandrills and black colobus are all found here and if one is lucky enough then a site of the leopard is also not unusual. The park is also home to numerous number of plant and flower species and well-known for its rich biodiversity.

Mount Cameroon , the highest mountain in Central and West Africa in the city of Buea making it on of the most sort after tourist's destination in Cameroon. One of the important places to visit in Cameroon, it's a place more apt for adventures like hikers and climbers. Guides are available from the city and the right equipment can be hired if one does not have what's needed. Trecking in this mountain is an amazing experience that travelers cherish throughout their life. Tin roofed huts are present at intervals for hikers to rest and stay. The famous volcano of Cameroon known locally as Mount Faka and the "Chariot of the Gods" is also one of Cameroon's main tourist attractions.