Cameroon: These Fake Representatives

Cameroonians are very creative. Unfortunately, some of their ingenuity is in the negative direction with principal objective to dupe others. The most recent of such wayward smartness has been spotted in a group of young people. Their target: fans of Prophet T.B. Joshua; the miracle-working Nigerian prophet who is today a household name.

The guys are claiming to be the Prophet's representative in Cameroon. They tell whoever cares to listen how they are preparing for their master's arrival in the country. Very few persons can resist writing their names on that precious list of privileged few who will be received by the great master. But the trouble is that you don't just write your name like that. You have to register. And that is how the guys are eating fat from the naivety of fanatics.

Yesterday, a lady almost ate her head when she realised she had been duped. The guys had asked for FCFA 100,000 from the lady because she insisted that she wanted to be among the first to be received by the Prophet when he arrives in Cameroon. Imagine their take home if they succeed to convince just three to five of such "mbouts" each day! Good business. What do you think?